Saturday, March 3, 2012

Urban Aviary in New York City

Wow - love this! Found on the Trend Hunter website:


The Urban Aviary may be the world’s only skyscraper designed exclusively for birds. New York-based Stone Architects designed the Urban Aviary as a way to save the Big Apple’s birds from an untimely death caused by the city’s skyscrapers.

According to Stone Architects, many birds meet their demise by mistaking the glass windows of big buildings for actual sky. The birds run smack into these windows and either die instant or become severely crippled. The Urban Aviary would solve this problem by giving birds a safe building to fly into. The aviary would be located in Central Park and would be outfitted with running water and natural vegetation to allow birds to nest in a safe and unobtrusive spot. City birds may be an annoying nuisance to some, but they should be saved as their presence helps keep the urban ecosystem in balance.

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