Friday, March 30, 2012

green cover versus grey ashphalt...(Ottawa)

Vert Design in Ottawa consulted on a very interesting Urban Forest project in Ottawa: New Edinburgh Urban Forest Inventory and Plan

Scope of Work:
Urban Planning and Neighbourhood Design

Project Description: The New Edinburgh Urban Forest Inventory and Plan was undertaken to illustrate the curent voids within the neighbourhood's urban forest and recommends areas for future plantings. A public awareness campaign including community newspaper articles, a public information session and a neighbourhood tree planting day is ongoing to encourage plantings on private property. Strategic discussions regarding prospective sites managed by the municipal and federal governments is also being undertaken to establish priorities for forestation of those areas of special significance.

Trees can provide so much to an urban setting. They are not only aesthetic, they also provide shade and green cover (helping to lower the urban heat island), increase biodiversity, absorb carbon dioxide, retain water at the same time lessening storm water runoff and even improve water quality.

* Image from the City of Ottawa website.

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