Monday, March 5, 2012

it's a froggy life!

Just found out about this project from the Toronto Zoo website:

"Just Add Water is a U.K. national campaign to encourage the public to dig wildlife ponds, especially in urban environments. In some areas this can counteract the enormous loss of countryside ponds in recent years, and help local frogs, newts and other wildlife flourish.

One third of ponds are thought to have disappeared in the last fifty years or so and of those that remain more than 80% are thought to be in 'poor' or 'very poor' condition.

This has had an enormous impact on wildlife, particularly amphibians. Your efforts locally can make a big difference."

What a great idea!!! Check out the details including tons of info on how to build your pond here: Just Add Water!

The Canadian Wildlife Federation has also teamed up with The Pond Clinic here in Canada to create a promotional video to show how a water garden can be certified as Backyard Habitat.

And here's a great summary of key tips for your pond: Oak Leaf Gardening - Aquatic Life.

And don't forget that Save the Frog day is April 29th 2012!!

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