Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cool Ottawa Initiatives - Central Park and Old Ottawa South

Central Park Garden Club Beautification Project

 From the website:

The Central Park Garden Club began beautifying neighbourhood “Super Mailboxes” in 2011. The aim is to install and maintain low-maintenance perennial plantings around all the mailboxes in the Central Park neighbourhood at the rate of three or four a year.

Sunnyside Bio-retention Project

From the website:

The city plans to put three rain gardens in at various intersections along the stretch of the street that will not only provide a calming aspect for traffic but will also serve as a bio-retention area for excess surface runoff. A big concern with regards to the rain gardens as green stormwater infrastructure, was the question of who would maintain them. The city of Ottawa representatives said that they are working with other sectors with in the city of Ottawa to coordinate the seasonal upkeep, which would be minimal. They encouraged residents to play a role in helping maintain the rain gardens.  Plants include: Aster, Marsh Marigold, Helinium, Camas, Coneflower, Geranium, Blue Flag Iris, Switch Grass and Goldenrod

Ecology Ottawa write up link.