Friday, February 7, 2014

from a linked in conversation: new generation of landscape architects who are trained as social workers...

Trudy Maria Tertilt

Research Urban Biodiversity - Climate Change

Architecture & Planning

* surface waterbodies and equal distribution all over the city
* many large and old trees
* fruit trees and vegetable gardens
* no use of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides ....artificial fertilizer
* parks with native trees and shrubs (not a lollipop design)
* no artificial lighting of parks and streets at night

But these ideas are often not implemented because:

* mosquito problem (dengue, malaria..)
* no knowledge - no interest in gardening - often look chaotic in nowadays citizen eye
* do not want to get 'dirty' hands* fruit trees causing trouble when birds are too noisy and dirtying the ground
* fruit trees are attracting unwanted insects (incl. bees, wasps...)
* old trees have an extensive root system which is a problem to infrastructure
* branches might fall and kill people

My point is: People's appreciation and understanding for real nature is missing! Mind is spoilt by to many 'manicured" green spaces in advertisements and commercialization of landscape architecture.... and most important: a sense of ownership is missing for mass housing and big apartments blocks.

Therefore we need a new generation of Landscape Architects who are trained as a social worker to work with the local community. Design and construction of outdoor space is a tool to revitalize neighborhoods. 

The journey is its own reward.

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