Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Habitat Stepping Stones (Australia)

Link to a new project from the Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability (ARIES) at Macquarie University, which is seeking to enhance the complexity of urban biodiversity.  The website provides information to urban citizens about how to help out wildlife who are "doing it tough".

Individuals pledge to provide three or more "stepping stones" (schools and community centres can participate also) and then the address can be added to an online map so illustrate the number of stepping stones across the city.  Participants can also share stories, photos and videos through social media.

Three cities are already participating: Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Discounts and/or free plants are available to participants at their local garden store, who also receive a sign to put up in the front of their home.  They also received local wildlife tips and news.

All details here: Habitat Stepping Stones

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