Thursday, August 22, 2013

Abandoned Mines and Bats (Ontario)

Found this on the Science North website:

WHY have an Abandoned Mines and Bat Workshop?           
  • Provide information on the mitigation measures available to mining companies that have abandoned mines on their properties
  • Demonstrate the importance of abandoned mines as hibernating sites for several species of bats
  • Explore what remote sensing instruments are required to survey bats, and how these instruments are used
  • Demonstrate how to ‘Bat Gate’ an abandoned mine
  • Address the safety concerns surrounding abandoned mine sites
  • Inform participants about White-nose Syndrome (alien fungus), a recent threat to hibernating bats
  • Provide each participant with a video documentary on “Abandoned Mines and Bats” post conference
Why Mining Companies Should Become Involved?
  • Mining companies will increase their knowledge on ‘mitigating measures’ for abandoned mine.
  • ‘Bat gates’ are an effective way to protect bats in abandoned mines and keep people out.
  • The technology used to monitor bats and the information collected is easy to access, even by non-scientists.
  • Mining companies can be proactive at protecting bat species by identifying abandoned mines used by bats.

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