Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Green Spaces in Urban Places (Ottawa)

Green Spaces in Urban Places - Urban (Forestry) Natural Areas Stewardship Program

A program to promote, create and sustain the Urban Green infrastructure in the City of Ottawa, while promoting other city planning programs and plans that are available. The focus of this program is to develop a methodology used to prioritize and evaluate the various urban natural areas in Ottawa for stewardship projects. A template/methodology was developed and is used to prioritize and evaluate the various areas in Ottawa for green projects.

Our Partners: Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, City of Ottawa, Carleton University (Practicum Placement Program), Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Program website: N/A

From Ottawa Stewardship Council 2011 report


Also check out the City of Ottawa's Greenspace Master Plan (pdf) - August 2006.  In it they outline strategies for Ottawa's urban greenspaces.

Image from the City of Ottawa website.

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