Thursday, July 19, 2012

High Line Park (NYC)

I've been to the Promenade Plantée and rejoiced about the incredible forethought this took and delighted in the magic that it is now.  It opens up amazing views that weren't available before, it allows people to see and travel the city in a completely different way and it "takes you away" even though you are still immersed in the city.

A local Ottawa blogger visited New York City this spring and got to experience the High Line Park - which is similar to the Paris park and being appreciated just as much.  While watching the movie Urbanized, I was shocked to hear that it was a battle to get this created - that even though the Paris Park had been built there were doubters about whether the old rail line in NYC could be revitalized like the Paris one.  Now that it has been built, it's effect is being felt in the city and beyond (see Huffington Post article).  All I can say is that I'm so glad that people did fight to get this built.  It's such a unique experience and has become such a success!

Read and see more in Childfree's Blog: High Line Park.  (Images from Childfree.)

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