Saturday, September 22, 2012

urban trees, plants and marshmellows...

Some great articles from online resources: 

The Easily Ignored Plants of Our Daily Life (From The Dirt)

About The Dirt (an American Society of Landscape Architects blog)

The Dirt blog covers the latest news on the built and natural environments and features stories on landscape architecture. Published weekly, The Dirt explores design and policy developments related to land and water use, urbanization, transportation, and climate change.

Planting Trees is Like Not Eating a Marshmellow (From Next American City)

About Next American City
Next American City is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting cities and informing the people who work to improve them.  (Check out the tags: landscape architecture, green infrastructure, urban trees and parks)

Photo Credit: Edward Marritz

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  1. City of Toronto Tree Planting Program (2009):


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