Thursday, September 13, 2012

Landmark, Favorite and Heritage Trees (Ottawa)

Everybody has a favorite tree right?  One that is perfect to read a book under, or one that greets us after a long travel, a familiar trail marker or one that we personally planted.  But have we ever shared our favorite trees with others?

Justin Peters of the Ottawa Field Naturalists Club recently created a Facebook page where people could do just that:

His post reminded me that the Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee had held a 'My Favourite Tree' contest in 2003 and the 'Heritage Tree Hunt' project in 2005.  The Favourite Tree winner from 2003 was David Kitz's description of Orleans' Gentle Giant - a "10-storey tall" White Pine tree in a ravine near Jeanne d'Arc Hill in Orleans - a unanimous choice for the committee members.

The OFGAC has some great projects including the Ottawa Tree Canopy Mapping Project and a Native Tree Database (which the Ottawa Field Naturalists Club hosts).

Unfortunately at the end of this summer, the City announced that it was planning to cut back on their Advisory Committees.  RIght now there are 15 (including the OFGAC) and by the end of September (after budget approval) the committees will be streamlined to five.  Which means the mandate of the Forests and Greenspaces will be included under Environment which will also include mandates from Peds & Transit, Parks & Rec, and the previous Environment A.C..

Hear more about it here:

Photo from OFGAC website

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