Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Landscape Renewal of the Garden of the Provinces and Territories

From the NCC website:
Inspired by the design principles of the New Perennial Movement, the Garden of the Provinces and Territories will receive over 10,000 plants representative of species found across Canada’s provinces and territories. More than ever, it will be a national garden. In keeping with the movement’s principles, the design entails a mixture of long-flowering and strong-stemmed perennials, as well as ornamental grasses. The work taking place this spring will allow for two years of plant growth, resulting in a significant floral display that will mature just in time for Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017.
The design will take shape in the Garden of the Provinces and Territories according to the following themes:
  • Prairie Garden (1,000 square metres)
  • Tundra/Rock Garden (275 square metres)
  • Woodland Garden under existing mature trees (450 square metres)
  • Canadian Horticultural Pioneers Garden, showcasing early cultivars and hybrids, bred specifically for the harsh Canadian climate by horticulturalists across Canada (190 square metres)

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  1. Not sure how much space it will take up - but the new Ottawa’s Memorial to the Victims of Communism will be in this park also!

    Interesting concept featuring the Winter Solstice:

    "The Arc of Memory features two gently curving wall-like metal frames totalling 21 metres in length and almost 4 metres in height. The walls support more than 4000 short bronze rods densely arranged along 365 steel fins, each one pointing at a unique angle of the sun, for every hour of every day, across a year.

    The memorial would be split in the middle at winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, inviting visitors to step through in a metaphorical journey from darkness and oppression to lightness and liberty."


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