Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More about SNAP - Lake Wilcox (TRCA - Toronto)

Great examples of front yard landscaping that helps with biodiversity, stormwater runoff and xeriscaping.  (Wish they had some estimates of costs - that would be great to know about!)

From SNAP - Lake Wilcox:

Two Front Yard Makeover demonstration projects were installed in July-September 2012.

These projects play an essential role in communicating the objectives of SNAP and profiling many of the key practices of residential eco-landscaping.

Regarding the new gardens - noted comment from a neighbour was ‘Environmentally friendly garden yet artistic and multi-use’.

Both watered, on average, once a week using only water from the rain barrel, no potable water was used. Neither design includes a lawn, thus both time and water were saved.





Photos from SNAP website.

Some details:

  • Roof leader discharges to a bioswale or soak away underlain with AquaBlox units.
  • Discharge of another roof leader into a rain barrel with overflow directed to a dry river bed that leads to a soakaway or rain garden.
  • Discharge of a third downspout onto a permeable driveway/walkway.
  • Water efficient native plantings of trees, shrubs and plants.

Link to SNAP Lake Wilcox Project Page.

What is SNAP?

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