Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ASLA's video on "Designing Neighbourhoods for People and Wildlife"

This is one of the American Society of Landscape Architects' videos in a series called "Sustainable Landscaping".  Other topics include:
  • Building a Park Out of Waste
  • Designing for Active Living
  • The Edible City
  • Energy Efficient Home Landscapes
  • From Industrial Wasteland to Community Park
  • Infrastructure for All
  • Revitalizing Communities with Parks
  • Leveraging the Landscape to Manage Water
  • Urban Forests = Cleaner, Cooler Air
The webpage also provides reasons to consider wildlife design and benefits from this type of design for both people and wildlife.

It's great to see this association promoting a different approach to landscaping both public and private yards.  Hopefully more and more graduates of landscape architecture will make Native and Sustainable Landscaping a priority when working with clients!

Check it out here: ASLA: Sustainable Landscaping

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