Saturday, April 19, 2014

Deep Root - Silva Cell Bloor Street (Toronto)

Here's an urban sidewalk design that increase(s) the street trees and the amount of soil they receive using "Silva Cells".

"The soil within the Silva Cells is lightly compacted, meaning that it retains pockets of air and water that are essential to healthy root growth and has adequate amounts of room for roots to spread. The new street design also included wider sidewalks, granite instead of concrete pathway paving, and seasonal flower beds.

Slot drains capture rainwater that falls on the sidewalk and directs it in to small catch basins that remote floatables and large debris. The water then enters a perforated pipe that extends throughout the Silva Cell system, irrigating the soil volume underneath the sidewalks."

Read the full article and see some great photos of Silva Cells and the redevelopment of Bloor Street in Toronto at Deep Root Blog

Would it also be possible to plant more native trees as per Diana Beresford-Kroeger as street trees?

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