Monday, July 22, 2013

100 birds at Macoun Marsh

Check out this incredible list of 100 birds that have visited Macoun Marsh, including the eastern bluebird, three types of herons, a kingfisher, three types of woodpeckers, ten varieties of warblers, eleven kinds of sparrows, two owls, an osprey, two kinds of sandpipers, three species of vireos, four ducks plus a teal and even a bobolink!

Macoun Marsh is a small urban pond approximately a quarter of an acre (or 1000 m2) registered with the Ontario Adopt A Pond program.  It is surrounded by an acre or more of trees on two sides and flanked by townhouses and an open grassy cemetery on the other.

Youth and Biodiversity BlogSpot: Macoun Marsh Birds

Image of White-throated Sparrow from Macoun Marsh Blog

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