Saturday, June 30, 2012

What The Robin Knows and Animal Orchestras!

Here are some books that are on my "To Read" list - some very interesting studies on bird and animal sounds!  I remember reading about how urban birds have been heard to sing at a different octave or range than their country "relatives" to be able to be heard through the urban noises!

"What the Robin Knows", Jon Young

This book describes a "deep bird language (which) is an ancient discipline, perfected by Native peoples the world over. Finally, science is catching up. This ground breaking book unites the indigenous knowledge, the latest research, and the author's own experience of four decades in the field to lead us toward a deeper connection to the animals and, in the end, a deeper connection to ourselves." (description from Amazon).

Great Animal Orchestra, Bernie Krause

"The acoustic scenarios of healthy habitats are celebrated through the poetic and proto-musical textures of its biophonic phrasing, represented by exquisite bandwidth and temporal organization -- aka the niche hypothesis -- an inherent yet ever-mutable font of knowledge. Nature, in the end, is the best and most prolific editor we know of -- always adjusting for ultimate performance and outcomes. From an emulation and expression of this resource we have acquired the basis of nearly every organic sound and cultural utterance we generate."  (description from Ear to Earth)

Roadside Field Notes also commented on some interesting bird interaction in their post: Cardinals countersing!

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