Wednesday, February 8, 2012

more swift towers... (Toronto)

"The Chaetura pelagica or Chimney Swift is a long distance migrant bird that winters in Peru. In 2006 they were listed as a threatened species, but now, with the help of conservation efforts have returned..."

*Image is of Rouge Park's chimney swift habitat project at 16th Avenue and Reesor Road, Markham (Photo: Garett Walker)

Two other Chimney Swift Tower Projects in Ontario:

- in the Kawartha Lakes Region: Swift Response (The Peterborough Examiner)
- in the Niagara Region (Fort Erie): When Nature Calls (Niagara This Week)

Other Posts on Chimney Swifts:

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  1. And this Chimney Swift tower in Iowa (and the story of how it was saved) is incredible (Althea R. Sherman project).

    Thanks Jessica Hite for sharing!


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