Saturday, June 18, 2011

replanting of an acreage in southeastern Manitoba

Silver Plains Project

From the website:

The plan for the Silver Plains Project combines elements of restoration, revegetation, and wildlife planting. We are gathering seed from the surrounding area (or obtaining it from vendors and acquaintances whose sources are nearby). We look forward to the day when the yard is low-maintenance. We have already seen an increase in native fauna: mostly insects, but also many birds.

While this replanting is close to being a restoration it can’t really be called that because species from many components of the Tallgrass Prairie ecosystem are being compressed into two hectares, including species for an artificial wet meadow which will not survive (in dry years) without someone to turn on the water. This planting might be considered revegetation or a wildlife planting except it is a yard, not a pasture or a uninhabited field.

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