Thursday, December 30, 2010

Urban Restoration Walks (Victoria)

It was great to read about these free stream restoration walks offered in Victoria, B.C.:
Cities contain valuable natural habitat that suffers from the pressure of urbanization. This three-part series of interpretive restoration walks enables participants to see first hand restoration efforts occurring in Greater Victoria’s “lost” streams to improve their value as natural habitat. Wattling to stabilize banks, removal of invasive species, planting native species to improve riparian areas, installing log weirs to create pools and riffles, cleanups, releasing salmon fry and the ultimate restoration practice of daylighting a stream are all occurring with the dedicated efforts of environmental groups, public volunteers, the Capital Regional District and municipalities.
Instructors: Val Schaefer is the Academic Administrator of the Restoration of Natural Systems Program, School of Environmental Studies. Jessica Miles is a graduate of UVic’s Environmental Studies Program who is involved with project work for the RNS Program. They will be joined by a local expert for each stream.

Note: Off campus locations. These are not strenuous walks but sturdy footwear, a water bottle and rain gear are recommended.

Read this 2011 post if you want to know the different levels of stream restoration!

Flickr photo from: poconoiridium

P.S. And what about these cool nature walks in Toronto: Lost River Walks!

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