Wednesday, July 11, 2012

bats + golf = hole in one

Saw this on the Weather Network earlier this year - thought it was such a great idea:

"Golf Courses Look to Bat Houses to Help Control Mosquito Population"

May 12, 2012 — Staff Writers — The last distraction any golfer needs on the course is those pesty mosquitoes. Now, several golf courses across Vancouver are hoping bats can help control those little blood-suckers.


More info here: The Weather Network

Image from The Weather Network

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  1. Golf Courses may also be great habitat for turtles - and they don't tear up the green (like some mammals).

    "Vegetation at sites in the turtle’s immediate habitat around the pond was different from those at their nesting sites. The turtles had a greater preference for landscaped sites - mulch cover and mowed rough grass – and mowed grass instead of the golf green and bare ground such as sidewalks, pavement, and sandpits. Surprisingly, there was little evidence suggesting turtles built nests in wetlands or natural vegetation such as unmowed grass or weedy or leafy cover. Furthermore, the turtles were not likely to nest in places with canopy cover."


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