Monday, May 21, 2012

more xeriscaping - this one for office building! (Ottawa)

Found this online today - very cool!! Wonder what size their courtyard is - gives me some inspiration for my own backyard...

The Environment Canada Headquarters building corridor created a courtyard with a unique microclimate. Continuing on from our role in the master landscape planning for this large site, our firm was hired to provide landscape design for the courtyard garden to reflect the sustainable design values of the department and the modern building facades surrounding the courtyard. A strong staggered wiarton black limestone pathway draws one into the courtyard to experience the different elements while creating a sharp contrast to the uniform concrete pavement. The plant material throughout the site complements the hardscape and provides year round interest with little maintenance. Drainage of the area is to rock sumps to re-charge ground water. Rainbarrel irrigation is planned for the courtyard for seasonal watering, although the garden is designed as a xeriscape landscape.

E.C. HQ at 335 River Road, Ottawa

Lashley + Associates

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