Monday, April 9, 2012

what makes a good tree pit

Ever wondered about how urban street trees get the necessary water to grow - especially if they are surrounded by impervious ground cover? I remember seeing one tree in Montreal that had such a small tree pit and was on such a steep slope that I worried that all rain water would just run down the hill and leave the tree parched year round.

It seems that those at Toronto Spacing also wonder what makes a good tree pit: Urban Design Of Tree Pits. The post is about the attention tree pits received from local BIA's and residents in different areas of the city. It was a continutaion of this post about the actions in Kensington. It also includes many pictures of tree pits (including the one above) that were seen during travels and shown as possible alternatives for tree pits that Matthew Blackett shows in his post.

Some really interesting comments on the post also including these two to Best Practices from New York City:

- Trees NY has a list of good vs. poor tree pit guard design.

- Design guidelines for 4 types of tree pit guards that NYC Parks&Rec uses.

(An aside from another blog: Interesting comments regarding protecting urban trees during construction.)

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  1. City of Toronto Urban Tree Planting Program:


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