Thursday, September 15, 2011

Native Plants Crossroad

created by (Canadian Museum of Nature)

Great Canadian online resource referencing Fletcher Wildlife Gardens, Old Field Habitat Garden, Montreal Botanical Garden, Toronto Botanical Gardens and organizations like Naturescape (BC), CMHC, Environment Canada, Evergreen, etc.

Resources (online brochures, websites) for:

- Balcony Gardening
- Rooftop Gardening
- Butterfly Gardening
- School-Ground Greening
- Ecological Restoration
- Shoreline Rehabilitation
- Guerrilla Gardening
- Stewardship
- Native Plant Gardening
- Wildlife Gardening
- Naturalized Gardening
- Xeriscaping
- Organic Gardening

Don't overlook their list of provincial, national and international organizations that are concerned with native plants!

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