Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crow Planet

From Crow Planet - Essential Wisdom From the Urban Wilderness:

Crow nests:

"Dryer lint is soft and pleasant, and it is obvious why this might seem like a good idea, but it is not. Residue from detergent and dryer sheets can be irritating and toxic to naked young birds, and dryer lint tends to hold moisture exceedingly well, which can make the nest wet and cold, and actually increase mortality."

Caution on the road:

"...we need to be particularly careful when driving toward crows that are eating in the road; while they would normally fly easily out of the way, they are more prone to miscalculation when absorbed in such meals... the actual truth is that they usually move. Usually is a potent qualifier - in the slender margin between usually and always lies an untold number of dead crows."


"Birds raised by humans tend to be shunned by crow society - the essential crow life-support system that allows birds to find and share food, roosts, mates, protection from predators, and general good times. Without it, and coupled with a lack of proper wariness of humankind, these crows don't last long."

by Lyanda Lynn Haupt

** Flickr picture from Dogfaceboy

P.S. Read this post about local crow roosts and supportive urbanites!

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